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Here’s what Trigger Point patients are saying…

“At age 45 I couldn’t move anymore. My back was so bad I could climb stairs. The Myotherapy gave me back my movement & freedom again. I am now 58 & still at the things I love, cutting firewood, fishing, being in the woods, moving rocks & gardening. I Steeple Jack for a living & I am still doing that.”


“I was hurting my joints. Certain places in my neck & back was so stiff that I couldn’t barely stand. After treatments I am more flexible & not so stiff. I learned all the trigger points & also do streching which really helps me stay linber. I have an incurable disease.” ~Sharon


“In the years I have been coming here, it has helped to reduce the trigger point pain. It has also helped to promote a greater flexibility and mobility. I have also had headaches for 25 years. I still do but not quite as severe. Even though all of these things still occur, I know it has help to reduce the severity of the pain from these conditions.”


“I had been a competitive weight lifter for many years. For about a year I had been suffering with chronic pain. I had used other methods of pain control with little change in my condition. With numerous treatments over an extended period of time most of the pain was eliminated. I would recommend this type of therapy over the others that I tried. I was able to go from daily discomfort to being relatively pain free.”


“I had a lot of muscle pain all over, mostly leg and hip. It affected my ability to do daily task and work. It always helps after a treatment. It helps me to sleep and to work better less pain in back and hip.”


“I first saw Carla Hedtke for a Trigger Point Myofascial Release after first seeing a Chiropractor, a Sports Clinic, a Physical Therapist and several Doctors for my back pain. After an hour and a half session of Trigger Point Myotherapy I walked out (I had just about crawled in, I was in such bad shape) Pain Free! And I didn’y go back to see Carla for almost a year, I felt so good. Her therapy is miraculous and I recomend her to anyone with back pain.”


“I am a professional artist and have been for nearly 20 years. Painting is not only my career – it’s my life and my passion. Approximately 5 years ago, I was having severe problems with my right arm, wrist and finger. I could not paint for an hour a day or I would experience terrible pain an numbness in my arm and fingers. I was wearing a brace and teaching myself to paint left handed when Carla Hedtke came into my gallery. She saw the brace and offered help. After 6 trigger point myotherpy treatments and stretching techniques, I noticed a huge improvment. I can now paint for 6 hours a day with no pain or numbness. I am thrilled to have found a non-invasive cure for my problem.”


“I have been going to receive Trigger Point Myotherapy for severla years. The rewards have been to numerous to count. Once was after a fall & injury to my left elbow which thanks to Trigger Pont Therapy returned my (L) arm to complete full range of motion and strength. Another was a fall down the stairs injuring both knees. Following a few sessions of therapy, my knees are normal and pain free.I find it extremely beneficial to receive a monthly maintenace session to keep my muscles loose and functioning. It is unbelievable how tense an tight our muscles become during the course of daily living.”


“I came to Carla for a severe pain in my hip. After 3 treatments the pain was gone & still is. I’ve now returned for treatment to my knee. After 3 treatments the pain is gone & I have decided to do a monthly treatment plan.”


“Carla Hedtke’s treatments have made a signigicant difference in my life. Due to the trauma I sustained in an auto accident I was unable to turn my neck far enough to back safely down my driveway and lifting my one and half year old caused me a great deal of pain in back and shoulders. Carla’s skillful and commpassionate care have lowered my pain and have increased my range of motion. I would recommend her to anyone who needs healing from pain (and the discouragement that goes with it)!”


“When I began treatment in December of 1994, I was extremely exhausted & weak, got very little restful sleep. I had frequent headaches & heart palpitations, had intense pain throughout the muscles of my body, inc. deep compression pain in my left shoulder also w/numbness on the right side, if I tried to sleep on it. I relied on reg. doses of Tylenol to keep the headaches & the pain level manageable so that I could continue my daily tasks, cut back my daily 2 1/2 mi. walk to 1/2, cut back gardening to 3/4 & laid down for 1/2 – 1hr. in the afternoon. Today, much of my energy has returned, my sleep is restful of few interuptions & only occasional delays, the heart palpitations are gone, the headaches are few the numbness is gone & the pain level has dropped. Good-Bye Tylenol!!!


I can once again sleep on my R. side (or back-which I never could before). I have more energy to complete daily tasks, walk 2 1/2 – 3mi. on a hilly terrain (we’ve moved to a hilly area) & once again enjoy gardening on a limited basis. Myotherapy treatments are now limited to a monthly maintenance level. I adhere to a vitamin supplement program, good nutrition & daily stretching exersises. I thank God for all those who have shated a part in bringing me to this stage of healing.”


“The first time I visited Carla Hedtke for trigger point Myotherapy I had pain, loss of strength in my left wrist and thumb due to arthritis. Since I am left-handed, it was difficult for me to write, as well as do other daily fine-motor tasks. After working with Carla, I have significantly less pain & more strength & range of motion. Writing is easier for me now than it was prior to trigger point.


I have visited Carla for other physical problems as well. I could not lift my right arm above my shoulder height & had difficuly lifting even relitively lightweight objects such as my curling iron. With a combination of physical therapy & trigger point Myotherapy I have regained my range of motion & strength without the accompanying pain that I had experienced. Trigger Point has also helped reduce headache & neck pain for me. Trigger Point Myotherapy and the accompanying stretches/exercises work like a “full-body tune-up” for me. My positive results include less pain, more range of motion and more strength. I’m a believer!”


“After reading articles in the local paper and a recommendation from my daughter-in-law, I was ready to try Trigger Point Therapy. I was very surprised and pleased to immediately feel easier movement in my neck area, (the area which I felt, needed the most attention.) With therapy to the whole body, other areas were also effected, movement of legs, arms, hips, and shoulders. I highly recommend giving Trigger Point Therapy a chance to change your life.”


“I heard about Carla through a friend and decided to give Myotherpy a try. At first, I went infrequently, not getting imediate results. However, I eventually started visiting Carla every two to three weeks, doing the stretching exercises Carla had taught me at home between appointments. Eventually, with patience, after about 3 to 4 months, my muscles have “remembered” to relax. Now on a “maintenance plan”, I am virtually headache free.
Carla ia able to zero in on the precise needing attention on my visits. She is very thorough, literally treating me from head to toe.”


“Before I saw Carla I was experiencing pain throughout my body. My muscles ached and I felt like a train had hit me. Doctors had offered drugs and muscle relaxers but I did not want to become dependant on drugs. When I went to Carla the first time-she asked lots of questions the doctors hadn’t asked, and when she began the treatment my body felt free (meaning I could move my neck and arms and legs more freely). The actually trigger point can be painful but it’s a “feel good pain”. Carla taught me stretches which I do at home and also taught me how to help myself by pressing on certain trigger points. Carla has helped me be able to function much better in my every day tasks, I continue to see her on a regular basis and whenever I have acute muscle problems I know she will help them relax.”