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What Are Trigger Points?


A Trigger Point is a self-sustaining irritated spot in the muscle. It causes the muscle to gradually become tighter and to shorten. This limits function and motion of the muscle causing
weakness and pain.


fibromyalgia-trigger-pointsTrigger points can develop in the muscles from numerous insults to the body such as a blow, broken bone, whiplash, chilling, surgery, immobilization, nutritional imbalance, disease, birth and delivery, chronic overuse and repetitive motion. Trigger Points have remarkably long memories. They are activated when an individual is under physical and/or emotional stress.


Certified Trigger Point Myotherapists deactivate the Trigger Point by slowly applying pressure to the patient’s medically defined trigger point. At first, the Trigger Point may be tender, but as the controlled pressure is held, the tenderness begins to fade. As the patient’s Trigger Points are erased the newly relaxed muscles are passively stretched.


This technique interrupts the pain/spasm/pain cycle at the sensory motor part of the mechanism. This results in softening tense muscle tissue, forcing muscle relaxation and
pain relief.


Myotherapy treatments include a personally designed gentle stretch program to reduce stiffness, increase flexibility and
function. This follow-up program of exercise is essential for treatments to have lasting benefits to prevent recurrence of pain and dysfunction.


It is estimated that Myofascial Pain Syndrome
may be responsible for up to 85% of all chronic pain.

Benefits From Trigger Point Myotherapy

Prime candidates are people with chronic pain who have received little relief from other treatments, drugs or surgeries.
Trigger Point Myotherapy can:
Minimize or eliminate pain
Reduce or eliminate use and/or dependence on pain reducing drugs
Increase energy levels, relieve stress, depression and provide
for more restful sleep
Restore and improve athletic and dance performance and abilities
Improve the quality of life
Pain relief is effective and successful through Tigger Point Myotherapy when related to:

Abdominal and Menstral Cramps
Arm, Hand and Wrist Pain
Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain
Carpal Tunnel
Facial Pain
Leg, Knee, Ankle and Foot Pain
Muscle Pulls, Strains, Sprains, Shin Splints
Pre and Post Operative Treatment
Pre and Post Natal
Radicular Neuropathy
Spastic Colon
Sports Athletic Injuries
Tennis Elbow
Tic Douloureaux

Trigger Point Myotherapists are available for workshops, seminars, lectures and demonstrations on the technique of myotherapy for controlling pain to groups, businesses, schools and clinics.

“Keep stretching and walk backwards”